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    Bubblebee Concealers for DPA 6060 mics

    April 04, 2019

    New Bubblebee Concealer for DPA 6060

    It was only a matter of time....

    Bubblebee Industries of Denmark make some great products for windshielding and hiding microphones including innovative rubber concealers for Sanken COS11 and DPA 4060, 4061 and 4071 models so we'd been expecting them to produce a version for the new DPA 6000 series and now they have! The BBI-LC-6060 is a soft rubber mount for the tiny 6060 and 6061 lavalier mics from DPA which features a  removeable clip and fabric guards to reduce clothing rustle. Available on pre-order now for delivery after the launch at NAB next week.

    Bubblebee mounts and windshields

    Martyn Richards

    Martyn Richards

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