Special Soundkit/Wisy Bundle Inc. DPA CORE mics and cables

The latest Wisycom Special Offer from Soundkit!

The Kit includes – 1 x MCR42S3 receiver with HPN base, 2 x MTP40S (double battery) transmitters, 2 x DPA 4060 CORE microphones with DAD6003 adaptors and concealers, TA3 output cables and Hawk-Woods Hirose power cable

All for only £4150.00 Ex Vat!

The MCR42S3 receiver offers 

  • Dual channel, true diversity in a modular stand-alone or slot-in format.
  • Switching bandwidth up 232 MHz in the UHF range.
  • DSP based audio processing for unbeatable audio and digital outputs with Wisycom’s PTT (push to talk) patented technology already integrated.
  • 40 groups of 60 frequencies, fully user programmable.
  • Multi-compander operation
  • Infrared interface for programming and transmitter synchronization
  • Wisycom exclusive digital sub-carrier telemetry technology allows:
    •  remote TX battery monitoring
    •  tone-squelch operating
    • Easy setup and operation through the OLED display


The MTP40S is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications. Very easy and quick to use thanks to an OLED display, dedicated buttons and a joggle selector. The MTP40S benefits from the latest Wisycom RF technology along with enhanced robustness against noise and inter-modulation.

  • Up to 232 MHz bandwidth in the 470 to 798 MHz range
  • Enhanced robustness against self-interference and antenna performance through a proprietary “intermodulation cancellation” circuit
  • Miniature design with flexible pcb (no connectors) for extended reliability
  • Ultra-light metal alloy body (80g without batteries)
  • User selectable multi-companding systems:
    • ENR (noise optimized)
    • ENC (voice optimized)
  • Battery: 2 AA Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
  • Autonomy:
    • > 10 hours @ 50mW output power
    • > 14 hours @ 10mW output power
  • Infrared interface for management and firmware update
  • Easy and quick to setup through the OLED display gain/freq button and a joggle selector
  • Extended regulation on Mic input gain: 80dB in 1dB step
  • Max input level 26dBu (15.5 V clipping) to connect directly to mixers and instruments
  • 48V phantom power for wired condenser microphones using the PHA48 accessory

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£4,980.00 £4,150.00ex.VAT
Product Code: WIS-KITDEAL-40L
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