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About Us

I'm Martyn Richards and I started Soundkit in 2002 after nearly 20 years manufacturing the Filmtech range of portable audio mixers, so I've been involved in sound for TV and film for a very long time!

If you phone the office the chances are that it will be me who answers - or it could be Caitlin the office manager. Caitlin also works as an actor and voice over artist so she knows what it's like on set and the pressure you work under.

So please come on in, have a look around and sign up for our newsletter - we won't bombard you, we're permanently busy so I'll be surprised if we manage one a month!

Whether you're a newcomer to professional sound and need advice on choosing your first mixer or radio mic or if you've been doing it for years and know exactly what you need we'll do our best to solve your problems. We don't have one of those daft company mottoes that seem to be so popular these days - but if we did it would be "no nonsense" or "No fuss, no palaver".