Zoom F8n Multi Track Field Recorder

Zoom F8n audio recorder

Zoom F8n Field Audio Recorder

Here's the new F8n recorder from Zoom. It really is quite remarkable what they've managed to pack into this little device. And especially at this price!

Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters

The F8n is equipped with Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters that provide overload protection no matter what comes your way. By adding a 1 millisecond delay, the limiters “look ahead” anticipating clipping before it’s recorded. Limiting is applied to each of the 8 channels simultaneously at full resolution, with 10 to 20 dB of headroom to ensure pristine audio on every take.

Mic Preamps

The F8n mic preamps have a very low noise floor of −127 dBu EIN and high gain of up to 75 dB and there are switchable signal attenuators for line level inputs.

Zoom AutoMix™

The Zoom AutoMix™ feature automatically adjusts channel levels to reduce the amount of ambient sound helping you to capture a clean, well balanced mix.

Time Code

The F8n has a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) which generates time code at 0.2 ppm accuracy enabling rock-solid syncing of audio and video using standard BNC connectors. Even when switched off the F8n will maintain up to 0.2 ppm accuracy.


The F8n can simultaneously record to an SD card and a computer via USB making it ideal for livestreaming an audio feed.

Three Power Sources

The Zoom F8n can be powered by 8 internal AA batteries but there is also a standard 4-pin Hirose connector for an external 9-18 volt battery pack or you can use the included AD-19 mains adapter. The F8n can switch between these power sources at a user-defined voltage level for uninterrupted recording.

Dual-Channel Recording

The F8n’s dual-channel recording mode allows you to create safety tracks by doubling up the recordings from inputs 1-4 onto tracks 5-8 with different gain and limiter settings.


The pre-record function captures up to 6 seconds of audio before you hit the RECORD button.

iOS Wireless Control

The Zoom F8 Control App for iOS provides extensive wireless remote control from your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth LE protocol. Functions include mixer pan and fader levels and transport controls. It also monitors input levels, current time code, and battery status and when you’re finished you can enter file and metadata info directly from your iOS device.

Zoom F-Control

Sold separately, the Zoom F-Control FRC-8 is a control surface with 60mm faders and clear channel indicators making fine control of your balance much easier. And when used with the Zoom F8 Control App your iPhone or iPad can display signal levels for easy reading.

File formats, resolution, and sample rates

The F8n records in BWF-compatible WAV formats up to 24-bit resolution and at sample rates up to 192 kHz. When recording files in MP3, you can choose bit rates of 128, 192, or 320 kbps.


The F8n features flexible signal routing from all inputs to all outputs. In addition to advanced hybrid limiters, the F8n also provides high-pass filtering to reduce wind noise and traffic rumble  plus phase inversion and Mid-Side decoding. Input and output delays are also available.


Capable of recording 360 deg audio, the F8n is a must-have for engineers of the future. The F8n’s Ambisonics mode features A to B format decoding, gain and settings linking, and a customized metering screen. For the ultimate VR rig, pair the Zoom F8n with a Sennheiser AMBEO mic.  Built for mobility and backed by two quality names, this combination lets you capture premium 360-audio anywhere and everywhere.

Delivery includes mains power adaptor and Cubase LE and WaveLab LE download codes.

Here's an introductory video :-

8-channel/10-track field audio recorder/mixer

8 discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR/TRS combo connectors

Compact and lightweight aluminum chassis

High quality mic preamps with up to 75 dB gain and less than -127 dBu EIN

Switchable +4dB inputs with mic/line options for both XLR and TRS

Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters

Zoom AutoMix™ software

Support for up to 24-bit/192 kHz recording, and 44.1 kHz, plus 47.952 kHz/48.048 kHz for HD video compatibility;

16-/24-bit resolution

Accurate Time Code on standard BNC connectors; dropframe/non-drop formats with Jam Sync

Three different power supply options: 8x AA batteries, external DC battery pack with Hirose connector, or 12V AC adapter.

Dedicated gain control knob, 6-segment LED level meter, and PFL/Solo switch for each channel

High pass filter, phase invert, and Mid-Side decoder

Input delay of up to 30 ms per channel

Compatible with Zoom microphone capsules; optional extender cable enables remote positioning

Dual mini-XLR (TA3) balanced Main Outs plus ⅛" stereo mini-jack Sub Out

Dedicated headphone output (100 mW) with front panel volume control

2.4" full-color backlit LCD with monochromatic mode

Dedicated PFL display with viewable trim settings

Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots, up to 512 GB each

Records in BWF-compliant WAV or MP3 file formats

Support for extensive metadata (BWF and iXML); input time, date, project, scene number, etc.

Built-in slate mic/slate tone with front panel switch

Use as an 8-in/4-out USB audio interface (@ 96 kHz)

Free Zoom F8 Control App for iOS allows wireless remote control, file renaming, and metadata entry.

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