K-Tek KSBCH1 Stingray Boom Cup Holder for use with KSBP1 backpack

Product Code: KTKKSBCH1


Product Features

  • Perfect for use with Stingray Backpack or Stingray Mixer bags
  • Fast & easy to use, attaches to MOLLE straps
  • Can be screwed into or adhered to carts and gear storage units
£39.00 inc. VAT £32.50ex.VAT
Normally 7 - 10 days
Normally 7 - 10 days
Product Description

K-Tek KSBCH1 Boom holder

Convenient Boom Holder Cup for storing and holding boompoles. The Stingray Boom Cup Holder can attach to MOLLE straps like on the Stingray mixer bags or the limited-edition Stingray Backpack. Can also be screwed onto your cart or storage rack.

Weight 2.7 oz 76gm