Hawk-Woods NPB-TA4 battery adaptor suitable for Sound Devices audio recorders

Product Code: HAWNPB-TA4

Product Features

  • Hawk-Woods NPB-TA4 power adaptor fits all NP1 type batteries such as NP-98
  • Flying lead fitted with TA4F connector for Sound Devices audio recorders
  • 4 auxiliary outputs on Hirose panel mounted sockets
  • Aux outputs switched in pairs
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Product Description

Hawk-Woods NPB-TA4 battery adaptor

The Hawk-Woods NPB-TA4 adaptor shoe fits all NP type rechargeable batteries and has a flying lead fitted with a TA4F connector suitable for the Sound Devices Scorpio, 833 and 888 audio recorders.

There are also 4 auxiliary power outputs on panel mounted Hirose connectors switchable on/off in pairs.