Zoom F6 with PCf-6 bag - special price bundle!


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Brand: Zoom

Product Features

  • Zoom F6 14 track digital field recorder
  • 6 XLR input connectors
  • Very small and light weight
  • "Look ahead" limiters and AutoMix software
  • Bundle includes Zoom PCF-6 Carry Bag
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Product Description

Zoom F6 with PCF-6 Carry Bag

The Zoom F6 is the first professional field recorder to feature both 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters, providing an unprecedented amount of dynamic range. With 6 inputs, Zoom’s solid time code, multiple power options and wireless control, the F6 is going to be very popular whether as a main recorder for videographers or as part of a light weight back up kit for professional sound recordists.

The F6 is equipped with six professional-grade preamps. Featuring an extremely low noise floor (-127 dBu EIN), high gain (up to 75 dB), and selectable mic/line levels for each input, the F6 is built for location sound.

Timecode input and output is via a 3.5mm minijack and it holds sync even when powered down.

When recording in 24-bit, the F6 uses advanced look-ahead hybrid limiters to provide overload protection. By adding a 1-millisecond delay, the limiters “look ahead” anticipating clipping before it’s recorded.

Zoom AutoMix™ can automatically adjusting levels to reduce ambient sound, very useful if you have multiple contributors.

A 1.54" colour backlit LCD display gives you full visibility night and day and the transport controls are front and centre for easy access.

The F6 features a USB-C connection allowing you to back up your files, live stream while recording and more. The USB port also doubles as a power port.

There are 6 mic/line inputs via Neutrik XLR connectors, separate line and headphone outputs on 3.5mm mini jacks you can record up to 512GB on an SD card while streaming or recording to your favourite DAW.

The optional BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter provides wireless capability so that you can use the F6 Control APP on your iPhone or iPad. Or if you prefer a more tactile approach then the F Control panel you may already be familiar with is also compatible.

The unit can be powered for up to 7.5 hours from 4 x AA batteries or a Sony L mount (or Hawk-Woods equivalent) can be clipped on for longer run time.

What else? Oh yes - The F6's Ambisonics mode offers precision A-to-B decoding and balanced gain linking, enabling you to capture spatial audio for VR, AR and more. Download the FREE Zoom Ambisonics Player software to decode and edit your 360-audio with ease.

What's included with the F6

  • F6 Field Recorder
  • Camera mount adapter
  • AA batteries (x4)
  • Cubase LE and WaveLab LE download codes
  • Quick Start Guide

Optional F6 Accessories

  • Zoom AD-17 5V AC Adapter
  • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter

Zoom PCF-6 Carry Bag

Zoom PCF-6 is a protective case for your Zoom F6 recorder that will keep your F6 recorder safe amid the bump and grind of working life on location. The sturdy case includes a strap to wear the F6 conveniently round your waist or at chest height, over the shoulder or round the neck.

The kit also comes with a small case for carrying a radio mic or other accessories

There's easy access to the top, side or bottom of your F6 while the transparent window in the top flap allows you to check levels and monitor the settings of your recorder and is removable.

The PCF-6 is the ideal way to protect your F6 on the road and on location.


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