Sony UTX-B40 Beltpack Transmitter 566-630MHz


Product Code: SONUWP-UTX-B40/K33

Brand: Sony

Product Features

  • High quality sound with Sony digital audio processing
  • NFC SYNC function for quick and easy secure channel setting (IR sync capability with URX-P03, URX-P03D, and URX-S03D receivers)
  • Auto gain mode volume control
  • +15 dB gain volume boost mode for off-mic audio
  • Line input
  • Transmitter frequency sent to receiver for matching multiple receivers to one transmitter
  • Variable muting function
  • Compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series
  • High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • USB connector for power supply
  • Includes ECM-V1BMP lavalier microphone
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Product Description

Sony UTX-B40 Beltpack Transmitter

There's a new model on the way so we've reduced the price of this last "old" one.

This is Sony's UWP-D beltpack transmitter. It is compatible with all earlier WL-800, UWP and the current URX-P40 and URX-P03D receivers. This is the K33 version with a wide tuning bandwidth between 566 to 630MHz for legal use in the UK and Europe.

The demand for high quality audio is increasing as high resolution content becomes prevalent in the video production industry. Today's content creators are faced with the challenge of capturing high-quality audio quickly, reliably and with limited resources.

Offering superb sound quality with digital processing, reliable RF transmission and user friendly features, the UWP-D series is ideal for news and documentary production and general videography.

Digital Audio Processing For High Quality Sound

Advanced digital audio processing technology by Sony assures high quality sound with improved transient response performance.

Fast Frequency Setting

Sony's uniquely user-friendly NFC SYNC feature allows quick, intuitive secure channel setting between transmitter and receiver.

Light, compact design

Reduced system size and weight enable superior mobility in a wide range of applications including news, documentaries, weddings and remote production.


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