Viviana Cloud Box - upload recordings direct to Dropbox


Product Code: VIV-CLOUD

Product Features

  • Viviana Cloud box - upload files to your Dropbox
  • Controlled via iOs 14 app.
  • compatible with Sound Devices 8 series, MixPres and Zoom F8n
  • Internal re-chargeable battery
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Product Description

A brand new device from Viviana that saves time and keeps your files safe by uploading your recordings straight from your recorder to the cloud.

How to use it:-

Switch on the Viviana cloud box, plug it into your 8-Series or MixPre Sound Devices recorder, put your mixer-recorder into File Transfer mode, and use the app (iOs 14 only for now - Android under development) to select which files you want to upload to your own Dropbox account. Simple as that!

The Viviana Cloud smartphone app will help you manage and share your recordings, listen to tracks, check your file's metadata, share and even create sound reports!

You can also use Viviana Cloud with the Zoom F8, an external card reader or USB drive.

Two USB ports are available - USB-A 2.0 is data only, connect your recorder here.

USB-C - connect power here to recharge the battery. This can be from an 8 series Sound Devices recorder, a power bank or a power adapter set to DC 5V at 1A.

The battery has been tested to last up to 4 hours of continuous uploading under standard conditions. You can check the battery status on the Viviana Cloud app on your smartphone.

We recommend to start recharging the battery as soon as the remaining charge is low and the box status LED (5) starts blinking red.

Getting Started

  • Switch on your Viviana Cloud box and wait for the box status LED to start blinking green and blue.
  • Make sure bluetooth is set to “on” on your smartphone
  • Open the Viviana Cloud app.
  • Tap on the “Box” tab on the app. You will see the Viviana Cloud box listed.
  • Tap on the Viviana Cloud box in the app, and add your Wi-Fi credentials.
  • Log in to your Dropbox storage account. At the moment Viviana Cloud works only with Dropbox. More services are going to be available soon.
  • That's it!



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