PSC Press Train

The Professional Sound Corporation Press Train is a one input, 12 output passive audio distribution box designed for press conferences. This ruggedly built device can be used in conjunction with our PSC Press Bridge or with any professional balanced line level source. Its input accepts a standard +4dBm balanced line level signal and provides 12 transformer isolated microphone level outputs. Our custom wound, mu-metal-shielded transformer's high input impedance insure that up to 10 PSC Press Trains can be connected to any professional 600 ohm balanced line without excessive line loading or distortion. Thus, you can obtain 120 separate, transformer-isolated, microphone-level outputs from a single line level source. In addition, the PSC Press Train includes a high-quality Sifam ? V.U. meter for level setting and monitoring purposes. The PSC Press Train has one line level input and two line level loop-through connectors that are used to feed additional Press Trains. Up to 10 PSC Press Trains may be connected in any daisy chain configuration without loss of sound quality. Interconnection of additional PSC Press Trains is accomplished with standard microphone cables. Each of the Press Trains' 12 isolated microphone level outputs have isolated grounds to eliminate ground loops.

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