Sennheiser 416 with Rycote Perfect For windshield


Product Code: MICBUNDLE13

Brand: Sennheiser

Product Features

  • Sennheiser 416 is the classic RF condenser shotgun mic
  • One of the most reliable microphones ever made
  • virtually impervious to moisture and humidity
  • Rycote "Perfect for" windshield, no bigger than it needs to be
  • Soundkit special price bundle
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Product Description

Sennheiser 416 with Rycote windshield bundle

What's left to say about the mighty Sennheiser MKH416? That it's a design Classic? If you can only have one mic make sure it's a 416? It'll never let you down?

They've all been said before. Many times. And they're all true

So I'll just add that you can't go wrong with a 416, OK it's not as quiet as some of the newer designs around and it probably wouldn't be your first choice for a big budget period drama but in a busy news or interview situation it will pull that voice out of the crowd. And keep on doing so for many years.

Bundled up with Rycote's Perfect For 416 windshield it represents unbeatable value for money.

Here's an interesting video from Rycote with more details of the windshield:-


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