Schoeps Mini CMIT with Cinela COSI-L-21 windshield

Product Code: MICBUNDLE8

Brand: Schoeps

Product Features

  • Schoeps Mini CMIT super cardioid microphone
  • Runs on 12 or 48 Volt phantom power
  • Cinela COSI - excellent performance from a lightweight windshield
  • Soundkit special price bundle
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Product Description

Schoeps Mini CMIT with Cinela COSI bundle

Here's a special price bundle of a lovely Schoeps Mini CMIT coupled with the COSI lightweight windshield from French manufacturer Cinela. And what a combination it is!

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how clean and natural the CMIT sounds and the new Cinela COSI performs incredibly well for an easy to handle, lightweight windshield.